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Bringing customer-centricity to the heart of decision making

Business Challenge

Our client wanted to foster a customer-centric culture throughout their business. They are a market leading global organisation of technical experts and wanted to validate their perspective and optimise customer experience at every stage of the customer journey. They wished to grow their knowledge of their customer segments, cost-effectively in a flexible yet scalable manner, providing a real-time / always-on approach to enable better, faster decision making across their enterprise.


We’ve developed a robust and longstanding relationship with the client. They have been tapping into our survey solutions via our access panels and have been able to run ad-hoc pieces of consumer research on-demand. Now we provide a managed community of their valued customers across multiple markets. Our client is able to operate the community on a self-service basis for simpler studies, while our research experts design and manage more complex studies, both quantitative and qualitative. This hybrid and flexible solution provides our client with the agility and support to collect insights into their customers faster.


Our client now has an increased level of insight engagement among internal stakeholders, and a far better understanding of their customers. They have been able to conduct more research for the same budget – with a much greater level of sophistication than previously achieved. Together we have created an agile source of customer insight to bring the customer view into tactical and strategic decision making to ensure customer experience is at the forefront of planning and execution.


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