Being scrooge can actually make you feel quite positive!

Financial Services Team Blog

Richard Moore

Yes, times are definitely tough and like many other people I have found myself carefully assessing my monthly outgoings… suddenly, all those things which seemed like good purchases and have ended up on a shelf are potential money saving opportunities, from recycling mobile phones, cancelling magazine subscriptions and even making sandwiches to bring to work (much to the amusement of my colleagues who had previously questioned my spend in this area!).

Somewhere in the middle of this I have become aware of how much I seem to be enjoying the whole process – why hadn’t I done this sooner? With the financial crisis it seems has come an underlying ray of light as we all become savvier with our hard earned cash. Suddenly I am in control of my finances and setting myself monthly cutback targets which are achievable.

The message seems to be everywhere and the ideas endless… “scrimping and saving is the new cool!”. More of us are realising that charity shops actually contain hidden gems and that those ingredients which we’d forgotten about at the back of our kitchen cupboards can still be used for a meal (and more importantly to make a saving!).

Never was this demonstrated more to me than when I recently visited a friend of mine that I hadn’t seen in a while, he’d moved to a Georgian house which seemed to be packed full of really nice things that I could only dream of. I pointed out that he owned some great things and he proceeded to tell me how he’d got a fair amount of what I’d pointed out from online freecycle sources, this is definitely something I’d not considered myself but will definitely be looking into further.

I find it amazing how much my own viewpoint has changed during the financial crisis and how far it is actually possible to go to making savings. It seems that there has never been a better time to be facing the financial challenge which we do.