Amazon Fresh Breath of Air

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Umair Afridi


With the news that Amazon Fresh has now been launched, and is expected to shake up the online grocery world, we wanted to find out more about the British Public’s online delivery habits and whether Amazon Fresh has arrived too late or if their competitors should be afraid!

Using Harris 24, I wanted to firstly establish how many people do their grocery shopping online. Surprisingly it was a pretty equal split, with 51% stating they do.

Out of the 51%, Tesco leads the way as the people’s most popular choice (52%), with ASDA (41%) and Sainsbury’s (34%) closely behind.

29% spend an average £151+ on their online groceries with once a month being the most popular choice (41%).

It was interesting to see that 55% of the British Public we asked, have heard of Amazon Fresh, and once the 45% were informed, 84% believe that Amazon Fresh will be a good thing for Supermarket price wars and 85% believe all online groceries should offer the options to purchase from your local markets as well as their own stock.

Although 91% of the public are happy with their choice of online grocery provider, below is what they have said will tempt them to changing supplier:

amazon fresh

As well as having an interest to see Amazon’s Fresh impact on the online grocery market, I wanted to carry out this study to demonstrate Harris 24’s speed and accuracy in understanding the British public’s opinion and based on this information how companies can put the relevant actions into place to stay ahead of their competitors.

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