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Packaging, which is often your ultimate touch point with consumers, is an important and strategic way to manage your brand portfolio.

However, 95% of our every day decisions are fast, automatic, spontaneous and subconscious. So in a world full of alternative choices your product and packaging needs to quickly connect and stand out from the competitive crowd.

Using state-of-the-art methodology, and enhanced by behavioural science and technology, PackTest Express is an agile packaging testing service that enables you to validate the impact of your packaging and fine tune it, faster and more cost effectively.

Designed by Harris industry experts, based on decades of know-how; we are there to support you at every step, making it easy and giving you total confidence you’re asking the right questions of the right audience to get the insight you need.

PackTest Express works alone or alongside our agile concept testing service, Concept Express. Design, approach, and dashboard similarities create an easy to use solution for a systematic testing programme.

PackTest Express means you can make smart, impactful decisions faster and more cost effectively.

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    PackTest Express is an agile, automated packaging testing service that enables you to validate the impact of your packaging and fine tune it, faster and more cost effectively.

  • Concept Express™image

    An agile concept testing service with fully automated results. Make faster decisions on product and service concepts

What clients say...

  • PackTest Express enabled us to evaluate 8 packaging concepts, extremely quickly, on our relevant KPIs and identify the winning pack.  This standardised solution offers significant flexibility.  We were able to achieve our goals, with agility, and with the expertise of Harris Interactive’s team. Consumer Insight Manager, International Skin Care Company

  • “[Concept Express]...has been exactly what I needed – robust quant validation, that helped answer a couple of questions, but didn’t take ages or cost a fortune. I will definitely be in touch again when we’re in the next round of new concept work.” Innovation Manager, Whyte & Mackay

  • “Concept Express was quick, efficient and sufficiently flexible to suit our requirements. The online real time system was a good way to engage our stakeholders and excited real interest in the project. It raised the profile of research internally and challenged – positively – expectations of what could be delivered by when.”  Customer Insights Manager – UK High Street Bank