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With ever increasing pressure on budget and time, testing the appeal of a new product or service, enhancement or line extension, before launch, can give rise to concerns over research quality. Whether you need to provide proof to retailers to secure shelf space, justify further investment in product development, or quickly come up with the next big thing, you need to be confident in the innovation decisions that you’re making.

Concept Express™ enables you to make faster decisions on product and service concepts prior to launch – for less budget and without compromising on quality.  It is an agile concept testing service with fully automated real time results and comprehensive analysis.

Designed by Harris industry experts, based on decades of know-how; we are there to support you at every step, making it easy and giving you total confidence you’re asking the right questions of the right audience to get the insight you need.

Launch within hours and test up to eight concepts monadically, across a general or targeted population, and see instantly how they’re being rated using our real-time online infoboard. Benchmark your concepts so you know what ‘good’ looks like and whether you have a winning concept.

Concept Express™ means you can make smart, impactful decisions faster and more cost effectively.

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    An agile concept testing service with fully automated results. Make faster decisions on product and service concepts