Concept Testing

By this stage, you will have developed a number of product ideas and are likely looking to move to concept testing and…

  • refine and optimise the product to maximise its attractiveness to the market
  • measure likely uptake / success of the products
  • understand key metrics like relevance, purchase intent and uniqueness across the target group
  • understand how purchase intent may impact current category shopping

We offer two routes to concept testing:

  • Depending on how many concepts you are evaluating and how much detail you need we also offer a bespoke concept testing service. Bespoke studies might additionally include aspects such as pricing analysis, pack standout as well as claims testing.

Whatever your need, we will help you agree on the best approach for your study based on the decisions you need to make.

Typical KPIs for concept testing often include:

Output for such a study will focus on concept performance versus a benchmark product or our guideline norms, all presented concisely and clearly to ensure you are confident in making the right decisions for the next stages.



Further Information

  • Concept Express™image

    An agile concept testing service with fully automated results. Make faster decisions on product and service concepts