Claims Testing

We understand that sometimes you simply need to know what key message to put on the front of pack. A product may have a number of key features and benefits but which ones are motivating enough to drive purchase? To support your claims testing questions, we employ a number of different approaches depending on where the focus lies.

We often use a MAXDIFF trade-off technique to simply evaluate which claims are most and least motivating.

This means:
  • Respondents are asked to trade off a series of ideas / concepts by choosing the one that they most prefer and the one they least prefer.
  • Concepts / product ideas typically presented to respondents as textual concept statements e.g. “Cream Cheese with Chilli – still cool and creamy but with the added kick of Chilli” (as an example of an addition to a current product range).
  • A statistical model is used to analyse the subsequent results, providing greater differentiation between the different concepts than traditional rating scale methods, providing a very clear ranking of claims

We can also assess the standout of different claims on pack using a visual tracker to map where consumers’ eyes are most drawn to and whether this different by different claims or on-pack positions. The heat-map output from this is a clear way of understanding how the pack is capturing consumer attention and whether your key messages are being noticed.