Employee Power™ has been developed to simplify and automate employee survey creation, data collection, reporting, benchmarking, and action planning.  The platform delivers actionable insights, at the speed your organisation demands, ultimately enabling you to make more appropriate and rapid decisions.

Harris Interactive has an enviable track record in helping organisations realise the full potential of their employees, and as a result, drive significant performance improvements. It is no coincidence that many of the organisations we work with have seen their employee engagement score double, leading to significant increases in performance metrics such as customer satisfaction, productivity, sales and operating profit. The launch of Employee Power™ means clients still receive these fantastic outcomes, but with a greater speed and simplicity, and at a lower cost, than previously available.

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    Employee Power™ has been developed to simplify and automate employee survey creation, data collection, reporting, benchmarking, and action planning.


  • Head of Employee Research
    John Backhouse
    Head of Employee Insight
    John has been working in the field of employee insight for 20 years, across a broad range of sectors, public/private, domestic/international, and from local SME all the way through to global employers with 000’s of employees.  John started as a project manager, so understands the mechanics of how to get the most of an employee survey logistically and practically. Nowadays as Head of Employee Insight at Harris, John ensures that each employee measurement is correctly scoped and executed by our team of project and technical experts, then provides the analysis and insight on the results themselves in context of what they mean, what the actions should be, why, and how to implement them right down to a local level where they may have the biggest impact.  Anyone who has seen him present back employee insight results, would testify that he takes a no nonsense but easy to understand approach to translate a complex and wide set of data, and theory, into real and meaningful improvement actions using storytelling and past examples.  His approach has a proven track record of increasing employee engagement, employee performance, and organisational success as a result. In total John has personally surveyed over 3 million employees, conducted over 300 employee focus groups and delivered over 400 employee survey presentations…hopefully that qualifies him as an expert in the field!  John holds a BA (Hons) in Business. John is the insight expert because of his long experience in the field of employee measurement and providing in depth insight to transform organisations through their people.  John would be instrumental in taking your survey results through to actions, and adding a deep level of context based on his experience.