The prevailing models for measuring brand effectiveness are largely based on examining past and present performance indicators, and can fall short of telling brand managers anything about their brand’s future potential. What was a strong brand yesterday, may still be strong today – but what does tomorrow look like? Will your brand still be as relevant?

Harris Interactive has developed a new brand health management framework, hi brands®, which uniquely offers brand managers the more forward-looking measure of brand sustainability.

Building a successful and sustainable brand

Sustaining a healthy brand is critical for driving higher levels of consideration, recommendation and trust. hi brands® combines measures of your brand’s equity, with your brand’s future relevance and vitality to provide a strong indication of brand sustainability.

How sustainable is your brand?

hi brands®:

  • identifies the relative strength and weaknesses of your brands across all sustainability measures
  • provides clear, actionable insight and direction to brand owners
  • enables you to better manage brand critical activities to positively influence your brand’s sustainability score

Improving your brand’s sustainability score will:

  • improve the health of your brand and increase the likelihood of consideration and purchase – now and into the future.
Find out more

To deliver a step change in your brand’s sustainability contact our experts today to:

  • find out more about the hi brands® study
  • get your brand added to the next wave of research
  • ask for your category data we hold
  • talk to us to explore if the framework can be incorporated into your existing brand tracking programme.

Further information

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    Harris Interactive has developed a brand health management framework, hi brands™, which uniquely offers a forward-looking measure of brand sustainability.

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