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  • A quarter of UK adults are planning to reduce the amount of meat they eat across the next 12 months. This is highest amongst the under 35s
  • With retailers stocking an ever-increasing volume of grooming products for men, this report considers how they think they look and what products they use.
  • Just under one fifth (18%) of respondents are trying to eat more protein, with males and younger consumers (18-44) significantly more likely to be doing so.
  • Over three in ten (31%) regularly eat ice cream, with males more likely to eat ice cream on a more regular basis.
  • TV and movie releases top the awareness ranking this month, with the new series of Dr Who highest of all for May, followed by the second installment of Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • Red Nose Day for Comic Relief tops awareness Buzz scores for April, followed closely by the live-action remake of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. It is a very strong score from the annual charity telecast.
  • The Oscars and the Brit Awards top our awareness Buzz ranking in March. Great to see the Brit Awards only slightly trailing Hollywood's big night.
  • The inauguration of the Donald tops awareness this month, the 2nd highest awareness item we've ever covered in Buzz.
  • Utility Week was keen to measure current attitudes amongst those who have already had a Smart meter installed and those who have yet to have one installed.
  • As well as removing the need for animal slaughter, lab-grown meat has been argued to be a solution to world hunger.