Customer Power

Customer-Power-(GENERIC)-RGBCustomer Power provides competitor benchmarking trends and insight about consumer relationships and experiences, helping brands to make sense of the ever-changing world. It is nationally representative of the UK population aged 18+. Brands can pay for access to data for their own sector, multiple sectors, or best in class brands across sector, through an online reporting platform. 

New for 2016

hi brands logoCustomer Power also contains key metrics from our new brand sustainability model hi brands™; addressing brand future relevance and vitality.  We now have a clear customer read on customer relationship and experience strengths and weaknesses for each brand (important for retention), as well as how sustainable those brands are for the future (important for acquisition).  As a special promotion, this additional insight is currently included in our standard pricing.


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Example of a Bespoke Report to buy

  • Customer Power Bankingimage

    Report Sample
    Measuring customer relationships in detail across the banking sector, this document provides sample coverage from the latest Customer Power Banking report - published January 2016

Free Sector Summary Reports

  • Customer Power Airlinesimage

    Summary Report
    Strengths and weaknesses of airline brand relationships; who is best in class and why; what matters most to customers...

  • Customer Power Hotelsimage

    Summary Report
    How well hotels perform on what matters most to customers; which are best in class and why: drivers of trust and uniqueness...

  • Customer Power Mobileimage

    Summary Report
    The nature of mobile operator – customer relationships; what operators need to do differently to meet customer needs; awareness and appeal of Smart Home...

  • Customer Power Supermarketsimage

    Summary Report
    Which supermarkets have the strongest relationships with shoppers; key drivers of shopper loyalty; the impact of discounters

  • Customer Power Energyimage

    Summary Report
    Who has the strongest relationships and why; the key priorities of energy customers; why billing is important in connecting with customers...

Latest Event

Wednesday June 13, 2018

hi brands® – breakfast with the brands

8:45am - 10.30am
Museum of Brands - London

Where & When
The Museum of Brands (London)
Wednesday 13th June – 8.45am -10.30am

Harris Interactive invites you to “breakfast with the brands” at the fascinating Museum of Brands on Wednesday 13th June.

Join us as we share the latest results from our hi brands® index – to reveal the UK’s most sustainable brands; based on our ground-breaking research model for measuring brand sustainability.

Free to attend, this concise and insight filled breakfast briefing includes entry to the Museum of Brands which you can explore at your leisure after the session

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  • Debbie-Senior-1
    Debbie Senior
    Vice President - Global Products and Automation
    Debbie is Harris Europe’s first VP for Global Products and Automation. She leads our strategy to automate research products, processes, methodologies, and reporting, so our clients can benefit from our high quality research solutions more quickly and cost effectively. This includes developing, launching, and evolving new products to meet ongoing market needs, including Concept Express, Harris 24, Employee Power, and custom dashboards in 2016. These are already enabling our clients to take quicker decisions from the insights we provide, and ensure our focus is firmly on client service, efficient delivery, and adding value. In 2017, Debbie will continue to expand our automated product and reporting suite, including working with our new Permission-based Digital Tracking team on an exciting initiative. She previously headed up automation and stakeholder research within our UK business. In the past she played a key role in creating MRS Mystery Shopping best practice, her work has been shortlisted for MRS Awards, and she won a Queens Award for International Trade whilst at BPRI, a WPP company. She has 20 years of experience in the research industry.

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