For the past 8 years, the Harris Buzz Report has been conducted monthly to establish the levels of buzz surrounding the latest news and product releases within technology, media and entertainment – based on a nationally representative sample of GB residents aged 16-64. Using three key Buzz metrics, each report examines; the level of awareness and familiarity with each product release or news story, the degree of discussion amongst peers and the scale of excitement it generates.

The all new Buzz offers more
We’ve overhauled the design and functionality of the output which now includes data on every single news item we’ve covered over the past 8 years, with additional information such as the brand covered, sector and date measured – all of which can be searched and sorted in the Excel format.

It can help in the following ways:

• Benchmarking the cut through of new releases among the GB public
• Benchmarking the excitement and discussion buzz created
• Benchmarking within sector/product and across sectors

The latest issue is free to download on the link below:

Buzz – Wave 94, December 2018 (.xlsm file)

  • Battlefield V video game
  • Conde Nast announce it is shutting its print edition of Glamour Magazine
  • Darksiders III video game
  • EA and UEFA announce eChampions League for FIFA 19 video game
  • Fallout 76 Video Game
  • Formula E and BBC announce live broadcast partnership deal
  • Fortnite opens $1M winter tournament to all gamers
  • Gambling Commission study finds the number of children with gambling problems has quadrupled in two years
  • Hitman 2 video game
  • Just Cause 4 video game
  • Sony PlayStation Classic retro console launched
  • Twitch announce TwitchCon Europe video game conference for April 2019
  • Xiaomi announces UK launch – with the Redmi 6A, Mi 8 and Mi 8 Pro as the first phones available

Latest Reports

  • Harris Buzz Wave 94image

    The launch of PlayStation's retro console (Classic) tops the awareness poll this December. Results from a study for the Gambling Commission revealing a shocking finding ...

  • Harris Buzz Wave 93image

    Lewis Hamilton's title win and video games Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Red Dead Redemption 2 are the topics that have generated the highest levels of discussion among the GB audience this November.

  • Harris Buzz Wave 92image

    Killing Eve premiering on BBC One & Three, Apple's latest innovations and FIFA 19 are the most exciting topics from our Buzz poll this month.

  • Harris Buzz Wave 89image

    The kick off of the FIFA 2018 World Cup is a clear leader for awareness this July.

  • Harris Buzz Wave 88image

    The GDPR data privacy regulations coming into force in the UK tops our awareness ranking in June, closely followed by this year's Eurovision Song Contest.

  • Harris Buzz Wave 84image

    The Superbowl; News from the BBC; The Darkest Hour film; and innovations from Amazon all generate high levels of cut-through among the British public in this wave.

  • Harris Buzz Wave 75image

    TV and movie releases top the awareness ranking this month, with the new series of Dr Who highest of all for May, followed by the second installment of Guardians of the Galaxy.

  • Harris Buzz Wave 74image

    Red Nose Day for Comic Relief tops awareness Buzz scores for April, followed closely by the live-action remake of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. It is a very strong score from the annual charity telecast.

  • Harris Buzz Wave 73image

    The Oscars and the Brit Awards top our awareness Buzz ranking in March. Great to see the Brit Awards only slightly trailing Hollywood's big night.

  • Harris Buzz Wave 72image

    The inauguration of the Donald tops awareness this month, the 2nd highest awareness item we've ever covered in Buzz.

  • Harris Buzz Wave 71image

    2016 ended with the loss of yet another national figure, George Michael. This sad news tops our awareness chart for January.

  • Harris Buzz Wave 70image

    TV Shows dominate the awareness list this December. Planet Earth II, aired on BBC One tops the poll this wave.


  • Steve Evans
    Sector Head, Technology, Media, Telecoms & Entertainment
    Steve has over 20 years’ experience in research working with leading clients in entertainment and technology. Steve now specialises in research studies for the entertainment industry, for some of the biggest names and organisations in the video gaming, film/video and music sectors, helping launch new services and business models or providing market feedback to optimise content. Steve is a tech-head and is often brought into studies that look at cutting edge technologies and innovation. He has been a keynote speaker at numerous entertainment industry events.