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    Choice Express
    Harris Choice Express is a quick and cost-effective research tool that helps companies make their products stand out from the crowd
  • PE-Sheets
    PackTest Express
    PackTest Express is an agile, automated packaging testing service that enables you to validate the impact of your packaging and fine tune it, faster and more cost effectively.
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    Daily Routine Infographic
    We found from a recent survey of 562 men and women from around the UK, that nearly two-thirds felt there was more pressure in recent years to look good, and not surprisingly this was most strongly felt by women and those in the younger age groups (18-34 yrs).
  • PopUP-Example
    PopUP Overview and Example Study
    PopUP Communities from Harris Interactive empower you to run flexible in-depth research, quickly and simply, amongst your desired audience, with maximum impact. See how they work...
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    PopUP Communities
    PopUP Communities from Harris Interactive allow you to launch projects within hours, designed and moderated by research experts, tapping directly into our global panel and bringing you engaging output to share instantly with your key decision makers.
  • Wearables
    hi brands – Wearables
    The hi brands study measures brand sustainability across penetration, equity, future relevance and vitality for a wide variety of popular brands. These are the UK's top 5 sustainable Wearable brands.