Software Company Relationship Management

Harris applied its relationship management expertise to track customer loyalty and advocacy for this global software technology firm. Harris were able to identify what is most important to customers, and create actionable recommendations to improve customer relationships.... Read More

Financial Services Relationship Management

This Financial Services Relationship Management case study demonstrates how Harris delivered an improved understanding of our client's customer's business needs, which enabled them to deliver sustainable, profitable performance to outperform the market both locally and globally.... Read More

FMCG Relationship Management

Relationship Management - bringing our client closer to their customers and staying ahead of the competition, by helping them to better understand changing needs of different segments, prioritise improvements to the experiences that have the most impact on loyalty and retention, and doing so in a way that is sustainable and profitable for their business.... Read More


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    TV and movie releases top the awareness ranking this month, with the new series of Dr Who highest of all for May, followed by the second installment of Guardians of the Galaxy.

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    Red Nose Day for Comic Relief tops awareness Buzz scores for April, followed closely by the live-action remake of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. It is a very strong score from the annual charity telecast.



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    PackTest Express is an agile, automated packaging testing service that enables you to validate the impact of your packaging and fine tune it, faster and more cost effectively.

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    We found from a recent survey of 562 men and women from around the UK, that nearly two-thirds felt there was more pressure in recent years to look good, and not surprisingly this was most strongly felt by women and those in the younger age groups (18-34 yrs).



  • Concept Express – Concept testing made easy and affordable
    Concept Express – Concept testing made easy and affordable

    Concept Express™ enables you to make faster decisions on product and service concepts prior to launch – for less budget and without compromising on quality. It is an agile concept testing service with fully automated real time results and comprehensive analysis.

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  • PopUP Communities Overview
    PopUP Communities Overview

    Snapshot of the launch of Harris Interactive PopUP Communities – 29th June 2017 – includes full presentation video link

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