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    A recent article from HR magazine features John Backhouse, senior associate director of employee engagement insight, who has created a Brexit Barometer that will enable us to draw conclusions about levels of employee engagement pre/post trigger of Article 50 as the UK moves ever-closer to its departure from the European Union.
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    This article, which features in the May edition of Citywire’s Income+ magazine, explores the 45+ consumer’s outlook on their future retirement and on using financial advice and guidance. All data contained in the article is taken from a Harris 24 survey conducted on 19th – 20th April 2016 amongst 1,055 nationally representative people in the UK aged 45+.
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    More and more Brits are boozing at home, according to exclusive research for The Grocer conducted by Harris Interactive. A third of us now drink more at home than we do when we’re out on the town, with 20% admitting to exceeding the government’s recommended guidelines every day or most days. Almost 20% of Brits admit to drinking a whole bottle of wine or more by themselves in one go, yet only 4% are concerned about the amount of alcohol they drink.
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    More than 40% of Brits have swapped the bread in their sarnies for a sandwich alternative, exclusive research for The Grocer reveals. Of those ditching bread, wraps are the most popular alternative, with 62% of consumers buying them. Rolls and pitta are the next most popular alternatives.
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    Almost two-thirds of people who have seen negative media stories about charities in recent months feel more negatively towards them, according to new research. Speaking at the launch of Third Sector Charity Brand Index 2015 in London today, Martin Bradley, associate director of media and entertainment at Harris Interactive
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    The Grocer’s exclusive research, conducted by Harris Interactive, found that, of 2,088 Brits polled, 22% own a coffee pod machine, with the Bosch Tassimo favoured by a third of users followed by the Nescafé Dolce Gusto. Nespresso, which has Hollywood hunk George Clooney as an ambassador, came in third place.
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