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    Dubbed the “Crack Cocaine” of gambling by critics, Fixed-Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs) – the electronic ‘casino-style’ games machines in high-street betting shops – currently allow users to bet £100 on a single spin (equivalent to £300 per minute) and have been strongly associated with ‘problem gambling’ behaviour since they first appeared.

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  • Interst rate

    For the last couple of months the Bank of England has been preparing all of us for today’s 0.25% increase so it shouldn’t have come as a shock that the base rate has increased, but what does it actually mean to the general public and more importantly people with mortgages which are now more expensive to service per month?

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  • Debt-image

    The on-going uncertainty of Brexit, Interest Rates and our depreciating currency took a backseat as we returned from the Bank Holiday weekend. Instead, the media served us a plat du jour the last couple of days on how credit-card firms have automatically increased credit card spend limits, in some cases for those who are struggling to manage their debt.

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  • Trolley

    The main supermarkets each receive a big share of our weekly spend, so what makes regular grocery shoppers reluctant to become customers of supermarket banks too?

    To understand this landscape, the financial services team at Harris Interactive conducted a short survey using Harris 24.

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  • meal-deal

    Rip Off Britain teamed up with Harris Interactive to explore their viewers’ concerns about supermarket meal deals, questioning a thousand consumers to discover what they really think about lunchtime meal deal offers

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    In whom does our confidence lie when it comes to the current economic outlook? And specifically, who do we think is responsible for the current economic outlook in the UK? Harris Interactive has tracked some of these questions over a number of years now and we recently asked these questions again to a sample of 1952 individuals in the UK.

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