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  • LongGame

    The Long Game

    This article, which features in the May edition of Citywire’s Income+ magazine, explores the 45+ consumer’s outlook on their future retirement and on using financial advice and guidance.... Read More
  • Grocer-Alcohol

    Half of drinkers guzzle 660ml beer bottles solo

    More and more Brits are boozing at home, according to exclusive research for The Grocer conducted by Harris Interactive. A third of us now drink more at home than we do when we’re out on the town, with 20% admitting to exceeding the government’s recommended guidelines every day or most days.... Read More
  • Industry-ConsumerPackagedGoods-293x294

    RIP bread?

    More than 40% of Brits have swapped the bread in their sarnies for a sandwich alternative, exclusive research for The Grocer reveals. Of those ditching bread, wraps are the most popular alternative, with 62% of consumers buying them. Rolls and pitta are the next most popular alternatives. Meanwhile, 15% have moved away from bread & baked goods completely... Read More

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    Consumer appetite for Open Banking

    Research carried out by Harris Interactive in October 2016 on the future of banking, suggests that public opinion on open banking is mixed, with data security/privacy concerns cited as the main barrier... Read More

    The UK Big Life Work Survey

    During the Summer of 2016 Harris Interactive conducted a survey of the working population asking them about their perceptions about many aspects of their working lives. The purpose of this survey was multifaceted, with key objectives:... Read More

    The importance of measuring employee satisfaction

    Many businesses have a mechanism in place to regularly track customer satisfaction but employee satisfaction is generally measured less frequently – why is this? If customers of a business are satisfied, then is this satisfaction reflected amongst employees? And conversely, if customers are dissatisfied then how are employees feeling?... Read More

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