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    Sand, Sea and Interest Rate Rises!

    Just when you thought it was safe to go on holiday and enjoy yourself… you heard that base rates had gone up! We surveyed consumers within a day of the rate rise using Harris 24 to understand their current financial situation and how the rate rise impacts on them.... Read More

    Fortnite, Football and an Olympic Future

    It is no surprise that the popularity of viewing competitive multiplayer video gaming is on the rise. This study is aimed to investigate the UK’s awareness and perception of eSports and the impact on brands who sponsor such events. ... Read More

    FCA initiatives ring true for consumers

    This week, the FCA launched its Business Plan for 2018/19, setting out its priorities for the next year. In light of this, we asked the UK public to give us their views on the FCA’s initiatives.... Read More

Upcoming Events

Wednesday September 12, 2018

Interactive debate on the future of community-based research

Tate Modern

Where & When
The Tate Modern
Wednesday 12th September – 8.30am -11.00am

Harris Interactive invites you to an interactive debate on the future of community-based research. Some of the world’s biggest brand owners will demonstrate and discuss the positive impact digital insight communities are having on their business.

The event is free to attend.