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Whatever your campaign we help you to deliver original, engaging, public relations research.

And we don’t hang around – delivering the results you need in less than 24 hours, offering real time access to data as it comes in, giving you an early read on how your story is developing.

You can launch a survey whenever you need to. Harris 24 is a flexible and speedy alternative to omnibus surveys, with ultrafast high quality insights from the reach of 13+ million global consumers across 50+ markets. With Harris expert survey design support included, you can be confident that the results are robust and will stand up to scrutiny.

The products of our research hit trade and national newspapers and online news sites every day. Here’s a snapshot of recent examples:

We offer research expertise and deep industry knowledge across most sectors, including Financial Services, Tech, Media, Telecoms, Entertainment, Consumer Products, Travel, Utilities, Charities and more…Check out our blogs to see more examples of Harris 24 research.

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Harris 24 Surveys are ideal for:

  • PR Surveys for generating coverage
  • Pitch support
  • Ad Awareness
  • Audience profiling
  • Message testing
  • Gaining opinion on hot topics
  • Incidence checking

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    Harris 24 is especially for when you need answers fast from the general population. 1000-2000 responses can be achieved in less than 24 hrs

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For the last couple of months the Bank of England has been preparing all of us for today’s 0.25% increase so it shouldn’t have come as a shock that the base rate has increased, but what does it actually mean to the general public and more importantly people with mortgages which are now more expensive to service per month?... Read More


Increased credit limit, responsible lending or malpractice?

The on-going uncertainty of Brexit, Interest Rates and our depreciating currency took a backseat as we returned from the Bank Holiday weekend. Instead, the media served us a plat du jour the last couple of days on how credit-card firms have automatically increased credit card spend limits...... Read More


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Facebook fake news campaign in UK press

With increasing numbers of people sourcing news content through social media, Facebook has become one of the main channels through which fake news can ‘go viral’ and reach huge audiences. Harris Interactive decided to launch a Harris24 poll on May 10 to measure the impact the Facebook campaign about fake news in the UK press.... Read More


Meal Deal or No Deal?

Rip Off Britain teamed up with Harris Interactive to explore their viewers' concerns about supermarket meal deals, questioning a thousand consumers to discover what they really think about lunchtime meal deal offers... Read More