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Harris Interactive has have been providing expertise in industry-led market research to major players in the Energy and Utilities markets for over 20 years. Our experience in consumer and B2B markets across multiple research methodologies enables us to provide insight and knowledge that guides business decisions to some of the world’s leading organisations and best known brands.

A key factor in our deep understanding of the energy market stems from the bi-annual Customer Power research we undertake with customers of almost all suppliers. Our Customer Power research is a detailed view of consumer perceptions of not only their energy provider, but also the sector as a whole.

Examples of the types of research challenges that we undertake include:
  • Researching mass-market consumer projects as well as complex B2B audiences with small, finite populations
  • Understanding the impact of regulation and legislation on both businesses and consumers
  • Providing feedback on new product development and advising on optimum pricing points in the context of ‘real-life’ decision making
  • Segmenting markets to understand how best to target future product and service offers that maximise value for both client and consumer

Latest Event

Thursday March 22, 2018 through March 22, 2018

Webinar: Financial Services – is your brand fit for the future?

Lida Walsh & Michael Worledge

Join us at 2pm-2.45pm on Thursday 22nd March as we share the latest wave of hi brands® research, to reveal the UK’s most sustainable financial services brands.

Nowadays, to achieve success, financial services brands must think of the full consumer relationship: how the brand listens, answers and engages, the level of empathy consumers have with the brand and how it is evolving to meet consumers’ future needs. Brands which do this well challenge the marketplace and become sustainable.

In this free-to-attend webinar, we will explore case studies from across the financial services sector highlighting brands that are building their sustainability and future relevance in ways that traditional brand measurement metrics cannot show.


22.03.2018 | 2:00 PM GMT


About the Presenters

Lida Walsh, Head of Solutions at Harris Interactive who developed the hi brands® framework, will be joined by Michael Worledge, Head of Financial Services research to share the latest results, and will discuss what the scores mean for your category and brand/s including Banking, Insurance and Credit Cards.

About hi brands®
Harris Interactive measures brand sustainability across more than 25 categories, including Financial Services. Our approach was developed in cooperation with Aston Business School and shortlisted for the Market Research Society Best Innovation Award in 2016, offering a fresh approach to brand tracking.


News and Blogs


Smart Meter Attitudes

With so many Smart meters still to install and widespread coverage in the news and other media recently of negative experiences amongst some households, Utility Week was keen to measure current attitudes amongst those who have already had a Smart meter installed and those who have yet to have one installed. ... Read More


Energy Switching Behaviour & Attitudes

Harris Interactive, in conjunction with Utility Week, recently launched a survey to a nationally representative audience of just over 1,000 consumers to measure switching behaviour.... Read More


Has Age UK & E.ON news affected charities as a whole?

The news around the E.ON and Age UK energy deal is the latest in a series of bad press for the charity industry... we wanted to see how this latest news has affected the public’s trust of charities... Read More

Latest Report

  • Smart Meter Attitudesimage

    Utility Week was keen to measure current attitudes amongst those who have already had a Smart meter installed and those who have yet to have one installed.

  • Energy Switching Behaviour & Attitudesimage

    Harris Interactive and Utility Week recently launched a survey to a nationally representative audience of just over 1,000 consumers to measure switching behaviour.

  • Customer Power Energyimage

    Summary Report
    Who has the strongest relationships and why; the key priorities of energy customers; why billing is important in connecting with customers...

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  • Harris Interactive Online Communities
    Harris Interactive Online Communities
    Harris Interactive communities combine award winning full-service research design and category expertise with best-in-class community platform technology, real-time reporting and global respondent access panels. All seamlessly and efficiently implemented and managed under one-roof.
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  • Mark-Brenton
    Mark Brenton
    Head of Energy Research
    Before joining Harris Interactive Mark was Senior Research Manager at E.ON for 6 years, developing and managing a programme of research for the energy provider from continuous tracking to a wide variety of ad-hoc projects, primarily for the B2B division. His chief successes with the company included setting up a 1,500 + member SME community for the business which transformed the way research was done there and, working in conjunction with the insight team, successfully imbedding a new B2B segmentation to provide a deeper understanding of the customer base. Mark has always been client-side prior to joining Harris so can provide a real client perspective as well as his sector experience to all research projects.  Before joining E.ON he worked in financial services where he was responsible for setting up a customer research programme for a niche financial services brand.  Outside of work, Mark is very keen on sport of all types and has just taken up golf.